A Brief Biography

She grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Colleen studied voice, piano and dance privately with various teachers until she was 20. At this time, at the encouragement of her vocal coach, he suggested that if Colleen really wanted to sing, she had best leave Winnipeg. She took his advice to heart, bought a one-way ticket the next day to Toronto and the rest, as they say "is History"!

Now that she is back in Winnipeg, she has discovered that it is a lively arts-oriented center.  Colleen has been very busy performing during her stay in Winnipeg. She has been performing locally with the Manitoba Opera Chorus, is the singer for Winnipeg's Swing Band 'Gig One' has formed her own jazz group , 'Diva Knows Best'.

A quote from Colleen on the music she performs:

"Although I'm doing material that's been done before by great people, I like to think that when I do it, it still sounds fresh."

If you would like to contact Colleen to sing at a local venue of yours, please use the email address on this website.